Bedrock WordPress Stack at Webfaction

So you want to use Bedrock to build Wordpress websites and use Capistrano for deployment. No problem! Below you will find all steps that will let you setup the Bedrock WP stack on Webfaction servers.


Remove default input styling from WebKit

WebKit automatically adds rounded corners and inset shadows to input elements. You may be tempted to remove the default styling with two prefixed properties… But, don’t do it!


Omnigraffle Wireframing Kit

Omnigraffle is a great diagramming tool for Mac with a broad range of applications. One of them is wireframing user interfaces. I like Omnigraffle a lot because of its flexibility and smart drawing tools, however it comes with a few limitations.


Faster web fonts

Sometimes browsers need some help in loading and rendering web fonts as quickly as possible to limit the chance of a FOUT (Flash of unstyled text). There are a few simple optimizations that can help to make fonts load faster.


jQuery Bar Rating Plugin

jQuery Bar Rating Plugin works by tranforming a standard select box into a rating widget. It’s only ~2kb minified and easy to style with CSS. Take a look at a few examples or download the plugin from GitHub.